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Vietnam saw the opening of a hotel Vinpearl Landmark 81The new one is inside the tallest building in the country in Ho Chi Minh City, and the skyscraper that includes the hotel is 461 meters high, overlooking the Saigon River from the eastern extension of Vietnam’s largest city..

The hotel occupies 34 floors of this skyscraper, which consists of 81 floors, and contains 223 rooms and suites distributed throughout the property. It also includes a luxurious suite, represented by the penthouse suite on the 68th floor, which the hotel considers the largest and highest presidential suite in all Vietnam, according to the site CNN Arabic.


The hotel includes a presidential suite

The 488 square meter suite includes two marble bathrooms, sleeping space for five people, in addition to a private chef, and another who prepares cocktails upon request. Each room includes, and this is not limited to the suites, floor-to-ceiling glass windows, providing maximum Some degree of enjoyment of the surroundings.

And in a cafe “The Cloud” Appropriately named for the altitude, serving traditional Vietnamese coffee and home-made chocolate, the hotel also houses the Akoya Spa, named after a traditional Vietnamese pearl that symbolizes beauty. While at the hotel, visitors can enjoy health treatments such as body or facial massages, or spend time in the sauna, steam room, or in the infinity pool..

View from the top of the skyscraper
View from the top of the skyscraper

As for the other floors of the skyscraper, from “Landmark 81”, they are private residences and public attractions, where guests can visit the ice rink, cinema, children’s play area, and shopping center, without leaving the building, in addition to visiting the observation deck in Class 81.

The design of the building was inspired by a Vietnamese legend that claims that a three-year-old boy named Than Gyeong managed to fight off an enemy using only a bundle of bamboo. “Vinpearl Landmark 81” Only about 11 kilometers from Tan Son Nhat International Airport, the largest and busiest airport in Vietnam..

Swimming pool inside the skyscraper
Swimming pool inside the skyscraper


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