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With tears of joy.. The Syrian girl Hala hugs her father in Jordan after 10 years of separation

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publish date 2023-04-29 17:40:00

A state of joy mixed with tears and longing, experienced by the 13-year-old Syrian girl, Hala, immediately after embracing her father after a 10-year difference, a arduous journey from Syria to Turkey, and then the meeting in the capital, Amman.

Hala’s father left her at the age of 3 with her uncle, who died after a while, to stay with her stepmother, with whom she traveled to Turkey and lived there for several years, as a result of the Syrian crisis.

During her absence from her father, the child, Hala, remained in contact with him, who lives in Mafraq Governorate, without despairing of the joy that would bring them together one day.

The father of the child, Hala, stated that in 2019 he contacted the International Committee of the Red Cross in Amman to help him reunite with his daughter. Where the committee, in turn, in cooperation with the Jordanian Red Crescent, began to communicate with the Turkish Red Crescent and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to fulfill his wish.

Hala met her father after cooperating with the concerned authorities in Jordan, while the International Committee of the Red Cross expressed its thanks to the Jordanian government, which facilitated Hala’s return and reunited her with her father after 10 years of separation, as he thanked

The father of the little girl and his daughter, after a long hug at the airport, everyone who contributed to their reunion, and the realization of a long-awaited dream, he said.

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