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Our biggest problem is preparing graduates for jobs that are no longer available

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publish date 2023-04-29 14:22:57

Prince Al-Hussein bin Abdullah II, Crown Prince, said on Saturday that our biggest problem is preparing graduates for jobs that are no longer available.

During his participation in a session within the activities of the “Communication: Dialogue on Reality and Aspirations” forum, the Crown Prince added: “Be bold for your future, and today waiting for an opportunity means wasting it.”

And he continued, “We have to think about specializations and professions that are in demand, and leave the ideas inherited from professions, as this thought frustrates and requires its owner to stagnate in an accelerating world.”

He pointed out that young people are responsible for their future, but their right to empowerment is the duty of all sectors, especially the public sector.

He explained that the focus is important on the speed and efficiency of implementing the process of political and economic modernization, pointing out that administrative modernization is the engine for all other modernization paths.

And he indicated that the social and economic advancement depends largely on the efficiency and transparency of our public institutions, and the quality of services provided to citizens.

He said, “We saw and followed many good plans that were put in place to serve the public interest, but we did not see their results. Either because of administrative slackness or thwarted by skepticism; This paralyzes our movement and progress, and as a people reduces our self-confidence.”

And he stressed that: “There must be a radical change in the methodology of our work, and that we work seriously and professionally in application and follow-up, and as His Majesty the King always says that we have confidence in our capabilities.”

He added, “We owe it to ourselves to create a better reality, and we must reconsider our wasted resources and energies, and put the appropriate competence in the right place.”

He continued, “Our country has great young energies, and we always prove that the Jordanian is word and deed.”

And he indicated that the Jordanian distinguished himself in the technical field, and competed in the Arab world and internationally in the digital industry, in entrepreneurship and start-up companies, in the pharmaceutical and food industries, in sports and in tourism.

He pointed out that “the Jordanian aspiration has a boldness that can be witnessed. Jordan has not and will not fail in a day, and today we raise our heads with the testimony of the Arabs and the world to us with our work ethics and professionalism.”

He added, “Our competencies have always been distinguished by our inherent values ​​as Jordanians, with initiative, adaptation and flexibility, and these are the qualities that top the skills required today.”

He explained: “We have to reflect our deep-rooted values ​​that we inherited from father to grandfather in our graduates, and the time has come to better reflect them on our academic, technical and professional curricula, and employ them in our scientific and practical lives.”

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