Tips that help the student memorize information on the night of the exam.. so that he can focus well

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Some students may not be able to memorize information when reviewing lessons days before the exam or even the night of the exam, and therefore they cannot solve all the questions and thus get low marks in the exam. site mentionedjoyce“.

Tips help the student to memorize information

teaching someone else

If the student cannot easily explain a concept to another person, this indicates that he did not understand it well, as studies indicated that the average person retains 90% of what he learns when he teaches the concept, so it is preferable for the student to explain the lesson he reviewed to another person until he is sure who understood the lesson.

Review lessons

Focus on one topic

Some topics require a great deal of concentration to understand them, so it is preferable while reviewing lessons to focus on them well, to memorize the information well.

saving information
saving information

Writing down the information

Writing helps memorize information, so it is preferable to write the information while reviewing it to memorize it.

Review the night of the exam
Review the night of the exam

a break

When you feel tired while reviewing lessons, you must get enough rest to restore vigor and vitality, to complete the study.

Use other tools

It is preferable to associate information with songs, pictures, or rhymes, as this helps to remember information when examining.

Avoid distractions

Text messages, social media, calls, and other distractions are among the biggest barriers to staying focused while reviewing lessons on the night of the exam, so it is preferable to turn off the phone, mute it, or switch it to airplane mode, while being in a quiet room free of any distractions. So that the student can review his lessons.


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