Strong criticism of an Australian who keeps sharks in an aquarium inside his palace

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An Australian man was severely attacked after it was revealed that sharks were being bred in a fish tank on his property, and the man had posted a video showing his huge 20,000-liter tank at his mansion in Kangaroo Point, south of Sydney, according to the British Daily Mail.

The man appeared changing the water in the tank by pumping water from a truck parked outside the house, posting a video with the caption, “A 10,000 liter water change on my shark tank makes the animals happy.”


Social media users severely criticized the homeowner who kept sharks as pets, as many claimed that he was preventing sea creatures from their freedom, while the homeowner emptied half of the tank and was refilling it with new water, which prompted some to ask where the sharks were kept in the water. meanwhile.

Sharks ..
Sharks ..

While the owner of the house said that the sharks “are still at the bottom of the tank in the shallow water while he is cleaning,” and added: “The tank has a capacity of 20,000 liters and they are swimming in the lower half of the tank.”

While many social media users took issue with the fact that the sharks were confined to such a small space, one wrote: “The real ocean and freedom is what makes them happy,” and another wrote: “You can let them roam freely and happily in the sea instead.”


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