Simple steps to get your child off the TV screen before the summer holidays

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During exams and summer holidays, children sit in front of the TV to watch many different cartoons, which make them happy and not feel bored while they spend time at home. There are some things that can be done to keep children away from the screen as much as possible during the summer vacation, according to the “thehealthsite“.

Girl watching TV

Set clear rules:

Establish clear rules about restricting screen time before vacation, making sure children agree and follow these rules.

Teaching them new skills:

There is a good way to keep the child busy throughout the vacation period by teaching him new skills such as cooking, building projects, gardening and various basic household chores, which makes the child spend most of the time learning new things and not find time to sit in front of the screen.

New skill

New skill

Encouraging creativity:

The mother can encourage the son to do artistic projects such as drawing, writing, learning music, or other fine artistic skills that enhance creativity within the child and reduce the time he sits in front of the screen.

Encouraging reading:

A mother can encourage her child to read books or comics, which greatly enhances his teaching of reading and writing wonderfully and indirectly.



Planning outdoor activities:

There are some activities that a child can do outside the home such as swimming, cycling, hiking and traveling to keep the child busy all the time in useful things than watching his favorite things on the screen for a long time.

outdoor activities

outdoor activities

Create a to-do list each day:

A list of interesting tasks can be created for the child each day, and the child can be made to do these tasks and kept busy away from the screen while learning.

Summer camp registration:

A child can participate in one of the summer camps, through which he can practice art in its various forms, various crafts and sports, and learn useful and new skills that greatly benefit him in his life.


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