Queen Cleopatra.. Know the secret of her distinctive perfume and how to discover it

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Cleopatra VII is one of the queens of ancient Egypt, and she had the largest share in raising controversy since her life and even after thousands of years have passed since her departure. Written in letters of gold, a team of four researchers recreated a perfume they believe Cleopatra might have been wearing based on remains found in an ancient “amphora”, which is a pottery pot with arms, says Robert Littman, an archaeologist at the University of Hawaii at Manoa: “The perfume was similar to Chanel No. 5 in ancient Egypt,” meaning that it was the most expensive perfume in the ancient world, so the seventh day reviews how Cleopatra used to prepare her distinctive perfume, according to the “”atlasobscura” as follows:


Myrrh is a main ingredient with cinnamon

The pots contained no discernible odor but did contain dried ancient remains. Dora Goldsmith and Sean Coughlin replicated the odor and analyzed the sample using formulas found in ancient Greek materials and other written on the walls, which confirmed that the pottery contained myrrh or something. In our time, it is called “Luban Al-Dikr”, as it contained cardamom, green olive oil, and a little cinnamon, which gave the fragrance a distinctive character.


The ancient Egyptians cared about perfumes

And in ancient Egypt, people used scents in religious rituals and their daily lives and put scents in unkempt cones so that they would fall like drops on them, which were like little wax caps that were placed on the jewelry they wore, and that dropped oil in one’s hair throughout the day, Littman says: “The ancient perfumes were much thicker than what we use now, almost like olive oil,” Fleitman excavated at the site of Tell Altimae, which embraces the remains of the ancient city of Themwis.

Cleopatra perfume
Cleopatra perfume

Cleopatra made her own perfume

Historians also explained that Cleopatra made her own perfume in a private workshop in which she made all the cosmetics she needed in order to keep the exact ingredients for herself, and no one else could make her own perfume like her.

The ruins of Tell Altimai
The ruins of Tell Altimai


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