How do you choose the right frames for your home decor? Metallic for white furniture

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The role of the frames is not limited to hanging your picture on the wall, as they have several delightful decorative features, which increase the richness of the place and add an elegant character to the home décor, especially if these frames are chosen perfectly and well, so the seventh day reviews how to choose the appropriate frames for your home decor and the correct way to use them. It matches the style of your home. frameiteasy” as follows:


Wooden or metal frame?

Choosing the shape of the frame must be from the same material as the furniture. If the furniture is modern and dominated by the wooden character, then at this moment you can choose the wooden frame, but if the furniture is “steel” and classic, it is better to choose a metal frame.


colored tires

Recently, some frames with colored frames appeared, which are more in line with the modern style, especially if the color of the frame is in line with the color of the furniture and paints.

Choose the color of the frame from the image itself

You can choose the color of the frame for the frame that you want to place from the color of the image itself. If the image contains red, choose the frame in red and so on. This method is unique for a pleasant, consistent and modern decor, and is more suitable for living rooms.

Choose the color of the frame from the image itself
Choose the color of the frame from the image itself

Neutral shorts

There is also a kind of neutral frame that goes with any kind of style you want to design your home, which is the clear wooden color of the frame, provided that the picture inside the frame has a white background.

neutral frames
neutral frames

Metallic and golden frames

There are two types of glossy frames, such as golden and metallic, and this type goes well with white furniture, whether classic or modern. These frames give a rich look, especially in light living rooms and bedrooms as well.

Metallic and golden
Metallic and golden


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