Horoscopes take the change of daylight savings time as an excuse to be late for their appointments.. Most notably the Aquarius

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Some people are deliberately late for their appointments, whether they are for work or even for meeting their friends and relatives, so they take advantage of any argument to justify their delay all the time, whether the traffic jam, the outage of light, or anything else, and they may take the opportunity to change the daylight savings time as an excuse to justify their delay from their appointment today, And that is by forgetting to adjust the timing, and these are believed to belong to some of the astronomical constellations that we are reviewing in this report, according to what was mentioned by the site.pinkvilla“.

Towers are taking the change of daylight savings time as an excuse for the delay


Aquarius is one of the air signs, and it is known that it is irregular in its life, and its actions cannot be predicted, as it is often late for its appointments, due to its constant preoccupation with important things for it only, which makes it forget its appointments all the time.

Being late for appointments


Gemini cannot make important decisions in his life, and is always late for his appointments all the time, due to his social tendencies that push him to be with his friends and loved ones and neglect his important appointments, which causes him to waste many important opportunities in his career.



Cancer is one of the constellations that has a long history of being late for its appointments, due to its constant desire to sleep for long hours, and its feeling of shyness and confusion for some time, which makes it preferring isolation and avoiding mixing with people, so it wastes many important opportunities in its life.

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Sagittarius prefers to relax most of the time, so he seizes any opportunity that helps him to get some rest, so he is very late for his important appointments, and does not adhere to them, whether related to his professional or social life, which causes many people to be annoyed with him.


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