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Wildlife is of interest to many photographers around the world who are keen to document rare shots of animals and birds in their natural environment and who dazzle their followers with a wonderful image. Among them is the Qatari photographer and environmental researcher Hamad Al-Khulaifi, who enjoys documenting the mysteries of wildlife, and is particularly passionate about documenting birds. As if he lives in the world of birds without humans.

And in one of the sites west of the Qatari capital, Doha, Al-Khulaifi was able to document a funny scene of a bird of the “silver-beak” species. In the picture, the male bird appears as if it is carrying the female with its feet.

Bird documentation and monitoring.

And in an interview with the site CNN In Arabic, the photographer said: “The male followed the female madly to lead her to the matrimonial nest until she laid eggs for him, and he followed her from branch to branch, until they fell from the top of the branch.” The story behind this picture can be described as “romantic”, but some people think On the Internet, it shows a quarrel between them, according to Al-Khulaifi.

When he shared the photo on his Instagram account, his followers expressed their surprise at the scene, and one of them described the shot as “wonderful.”And Al-Khulaifi believed that “what drew attention to the image is the way one bird clings to another bird.” Al-Khulaifi considers photography a responsibility in light of the challenges faced by different creatures..

The photographer observes the behavior of this species during the mating season.
The photographer observes the behavior of this species during the mating season

flying bird
flying bird

Al-Khulaifi pointed out that these organisms live in a “balanced ecosystem that is interconnected with each other. And if (their numbers) increase or decrease, they may cause an imbalance in the wildlife system, which in turn negatively affects human life and the planet in which we live.”

The photographer also works as a certified trainer in environmental culture, in addition to being the owner of the Qatari Environment Lens initiative. It is worth noting that Qatar is an important station for bird migration, as the number of birds in it has reached approximately 422 different species and species, according to the photographer. Bird lovers can Watching them in Qatar in different destinations, including Al-Reem Reserve, Brouq Reserve, and Al-Areek Reserve.

Bird carrying prey
Bird carrying prey

A bird feeding its young
A bird feeding its young

One of the bright shots documented by the photographer
One of the bright shots documented by the photographer


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