5 phrases your child should hear from you before exams .. “I am proud of you, whatever the result.”

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Children during the examination period increase pressure on them and feel that they are required to do a lot of things in a record time, whether collecting information or reviews or even practicing their exercises if any, which may cause the child some problems, including lack of self-confidence and exaggerated sadness and may lead to sleep problems And insomnia, as human relations expert Sabreen Jaber explained in her interview with “The Seventh Day” that the child in this period of the end of the school year and preparing for exams needs stimulation, especially moral stimulation, with some sentences that your child should hear from you, including:


I am proud of you no matter the outcome

The human relations expert said that the phrase “I am proud of you” gives the child a double impulse towards success, in addition to his feeling that his parents love him no matter what happens, making him more enthusiastic and striving to achieve their dream in him. He does not feel that their love is conditional, dependent only on his success.

You are loved

Words of love and compliments are not necessarily said on certain occasions, but the expression of love for your child makes him very confident in himself and his abilities, and the human relations expert continued that you should tell your child how much he is loved and that you will continue to love him throughout his life, in addition to that he has many advantages that qualify him To be successful all the time.


Don’t give up

If you feel that your child is tired or bored with studying, you should tell him that he should not give up, and that he is always able to overcome difficulties, no matter what.

I appreciate your trouble

The human relations expert added that appreciating fatigue and effort makes a difference in a person’s life, especially children, so your child should know that you really appreciate his fatigue in studies and exams and appreciate his effort all the time.

Motivational words for the child
Motivational words for the child

Time will pass

And the human relations expert added that you have to tell your child that this time will pass and any difficult time that we can overcome, but after the exams there is a big vacation that we can enjoy wonderfully, and compensate for this effort with joy and happiness.


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