4 places in Egypt where you can spend a special honeymoon… sweeter than the Maldives

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With the beginning of summer and the end of Eid celebrations and others, many may prepare to complete their weddings, and some of them are unable to carry out a large and joyful ceremony and are satisfied with only spending their honeymoon in one of the places they prefer, but the distinction is that the honeymoon is spent inside Egypt in areas and beaches whose beauty exceeds the Maldives. Therefore, the seventh day reviews the most famous places in Egypt that enjoy calm and beauty, where you can spend your honeymoon with your partner, as follows:

Marsa Alam

One of the best beaches on the Red Sea, Marsa Alam is one of the most important tourist beaches that attract many nature lovers. Marsa Alam is also one of the best places to spend a quiet honeymoon away from the noise and crowded beaches, and brides can do a lot of activities. Including diving and enjoying the views of the coral reefs.

Marsa Alam beach


Siwa Oasis is one of the quietest places preferred by seekers of privacy and recreation, especially the newly married “cables”. The clear lakes give a romantic character to the place as a whole, especially the therapeutic salt lakes, which absorb negative energy and rid the body of pain.



Among the places that are considered low-cost, in addition to what distinguishes them from calmness and a refreshing modern life, is Dahab, as it has many activities, the most important of which are safari and camping, and the general atmosphere there is refreshing and joyful.

Camel on the beach of Dahab
Camel on the beach of Dahab

Sahl Hasheesh

Restaurants and romantic places are widely available in the Sahl Hasheesh area, especially those places that directly overlook the Red Sea, along with unparalleled swimming and diving, and even make it a better version of the Maldives.

Sahl Hasheesh
Sahl Hasheesh


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