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The Jordanian Future and Life Party holds its general conference and chooses its leadership for a transitional period

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publish date 2023-04-28 20:00:49

The Jordanian Future and Life Party held its founding general conference 2023 at the Royal Cultural Center, after achieving the legal proportion of the attendees from the founders.
The General Conference voted to approve the party’s statute, vision and political program.
The General Conference approved the selection of a unified leadership for the party for a transitional period based on the provisions of Article 29 of its statute, and the formation of the Central Council and the Executive Council of the party.
And it was agreed to choose Dr. M. Salah Al-Qudah for the position of Secretary-General of the party and Dr. Abdel Fattah Al-Kilani for the position of Chairman of the Central Council, provided that the two positions rotate between them for a period of three months each until the party elections are held.
Dr. Al-Kilani said that today it was officially announced that the party had merged the Future and Life parties, after completing the legal conditions and rectifying the situation in accordance with the Parties Law No. 7 of 2022.
He added that reaching this stage took a lot of effort and time, which helped in that continuous coordination and cooperation between the two parties, as the Future Party took the initiative to hold its general conference, and then the Life Party to hold its general conference, in which it was decided to merge between the two parties, and the leaders of the two parties were authorized to proceed with the merger procedures and establish the statute. For the two parties and to submit a merger request to the Independent Commission for Elections and Parties, which considered that these procedures are correct and consistent with the law, and considers the party the legal and realistic successor to the two dissolved parties and bears the obligations arising therefrom.
And he indicated that the door for participation will be opened for the party after starting work, indicating that the attendance has far exceeded the legal percentage of the number of attendees from the founders.
For his part, Secretary General of the party, Dr. M. Salah al-Qudah, said that the Jordanian Future and Life Party obtained a certificate from the independent commission that it had completed all legal procedures to become an active party.
He indicated that there are about 900 founding members, and the lists with the names of the attendees will be submitted to the independent commission.
He indicated that the party will work according to two short-term and long-term plans, aiming to expand by attracting members from various governorates and exceeding five thousand members before the next elections, correcting the conditions of those whose membership was dropped, and expanding by opening new headquarters for the party in all 13 constituencies.
He indicated that internal elections will be held in 3 stages, the first for the branch councils, the formation of the general conference of the party, and the second, after five months, to elect the secretary-general, his deputy and the general secretariat, and then the formation of the central council through the general conference, and the holding of elections for the central council.
And he indicated that the party will prepare for the upcoming parliamentary elections, to participate in them at the level of the national list and local constituencies, and to participate in municipal elections, decentralization, trade union elections, and chambers of industry and commerce.
He pointed out that the party is classified as a “center-right” party, and it is a serious patriotic party that aims to preserve the homeland and order to enable it to confront threats, and supports the homeland and the Palestinian resistance, which also means defending Jordan.
The leader of the party, Zahir Amr, said that the next stage will be a transitional one until the party leaders are elected, and indicated that the Life Party was established 17 years ago in the same hall.
He touched on the importance of party committees in setting up the party’s work mechanism.
He pointed out that the King’s directives would advance the partisan process, which encouraged the two parties to merge, and that His Majesty the King ensured the implementation of the royal vision for partisan life, which was translated into the Political Parties Law.

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