The floral burkini is the fashion for beachwear in the summer of 2023.. It is useful for non-veiled women

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With the onset of summer, many are preparing to go to the beaches and resorts to spend several days, and because this trip has several special rituals for girls, whether by preparing bags or what is inside them, so the biggest share is choosing and buying the necessary swimsuits to go to the beach, and because each time has its own fashion, in this period The fashion of the burkini swimsuits appeared, which is full of many colors with different designs, so “The Seventh Day” reviews, with fashion expert Mustafa Al-Shafei, the 2023 fashion for swimsuits, especially the burkini and its various forms, whether for veiled or non-veiled women.


2023 fashion for burkini swimsuits

The fashion expert said that the burkini fashion is not exclusive to veiled women only, but many non-veiled girls and women like to wear it, because of its advantages in preserving the skin and protecting from the sun’s rays, and he also explained that the burkini has several designs that suit all tastes, so it is designed with sleeves It is full, but it is a bikini from the bottom for non-veiled women, including half sleeves as well, and the most famous full burkini with its own cap and cashmere.

Floral swimsuits
Floral swimsuits

The burkini fashion is sweeping the beaches

As for the burkini fashion in 2023, the fashion expert said that the design of woodland or full of colors and graphics is sweeping the beaches this year, especially the design that contains the shape of trees, palms and flowers, and the rest of the designs are what contain geometric drawings in summer colors.


Burkini fashion

The fashion expert added that it is better if the girl does not want to buy a new swimsuit and she has a plain swimsuit, so she can buy a wooded swimsuit that matches the color of her swimsuit. You can choose a cashmere in canary yellow, and so on.


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