If your weakness is known… How do you deal with those who take advantage of your kindness and need for them?

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When a person relates to and loves others, whether relatives, friends or colleagues, he is happy to give as much help as he can but, from time to time, these people may take advantage of that help and mercy and treat it as a birthright, and it is possible that you may feel feelings that you are being used, and before Find a solution You must first determine whether your friends really take you for granted, or if it is a mutual thing, by noting some indicators, such as your friend not listening to you, not spending time with you, and may ask you for favors constantly, or contact you only when he needs to Helping you, and here “The Seventh Day” reviews the correct ways to learn how to control those around you in your exploitation and to avoid the exploitative personality who knows well your weaknesses, according to what was published by the “”healthshots“.

Set boundaries

You must work on expressing your limits more accurately, and there is no objection to saying “no” to any request. Saying no is a healthy habit, so you do not feel guilty about saying it, and those limits are not with the harshness or hardness of your heart, but rather to reduce your exploitation, or to know that everyone around you has Border thing, not easy.

Dealing with the exploitative personality

Practice assertive communication

Assertive communication is an essential means of communication to make your voice and opinions heard in a large way, as the lines may sometimes fade over time, by “Al-Ashm”, which is considered the harmony between your ideas and the demands and rights of others, and later it becomes an acquired right.

Express an opinion

Everyone has the right to respect and value the opinions of others, and it is acceptable to desire such treatment. That is why you should always acknowledge your feelings that you take for granted and deal with the problem at hand. It is okay to provide constructive feedback regarding the unintended harm the person may have caused. the other and explain why it affects you.

Friendship limits
Friendship limits

Problem Solving

You should always try to solve problems with your friends, and remember that fixing things as soon as possible is essential, because you are friends, after all, sometimes they can reduce the distance between you and your friend and solve it by spending time with them, chatting and dealing with your problems.

Exploitative personality
Exploitative personality


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