Important rules for taking care of your hair in the summer.. Avoid the dryer and protect it from the sun

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High temperatures and weather fluctuations in the summer, in addition to going to the beaches, going to the swimming pool, and direct exposure to chlorine and salty sea water, are all factors that cause the outer layer of hair to weaken, and sometimes reach the scalp, which leads to breakage and loss, in addition to dry hair. And it suffers from dandruff, and it becomes more fragile, and the seventh day reviews some solutions that help protect and preserve hair from the summer heat, according to what was published by the “”madamelapresidente“.

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Protect hair from the sun

You should know that hair is just like the skin, it must be preserved from exposure to direct sunlight, by using a sunscreen, and among the types of sunscreen for hair is jojoba oil, raspberry seed oil, and avocado oil, or at least cover the hair to protect it from exposure to the sun, whether with a hat or a scarf.

Not going down with dry hair

It is necessary not to go out of the house with dry hair, let alone the sea, you must wet it with lukewarm water that works to protect the hair from harmful rays, salts in the sea, or chlorine in swimming pools, and the use of water must be done before going down and immediately after leaving the water, You should be aware and take precautions to provide a bottle of water to wash your hair, if clean running water is not available.

Split hair
Split hair

Shampoo distribution

You must choose the appropriate shampoo for your hair type, distribute it well on the hair, then wash it well, and it is preferable to choose a type of shampoo made of natural ingredients, and it is preferable to wash the shampoo with cold water so that scales do not form on the scalp.

Avoid the dryer

Prevention is the best way to protect your hair in the summer. It is preferable to avoid using a hair dryer, whether a hair dryer or even a ceramic iron, and replace it with natural recipes and masks, in order to avoid summer problems, or hair problems in general.

Split hair treatment
Split hair treatment

Among the natural masks that are preferred to be used in summer:

Mask of olive oil and honey

You can mix three spoons of olive oil with an equal amount of bee honey, mix them well, then distribute it on the hair, provided that it is at least ten centimeters away from the roots of the hair, and up to the ends, and leave for an hour and a half while covering it with a warm towel, then wash your hair with lukewarm water.

Coconut oil mask

You can make a coconut oil mask suitable for hair, leave it on the hair for an hour, then wash it with a cup of coconut milk, leave it for half an hour, then wash it with cold water.


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