How to make falafel stuffed with boiled eggs.. A nutritious and delicious breakfast

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Taameya is one of the popular Egyptian dishes that you rarely find someone who does not like it. Tourists when they come to Egypt, the first thing they look for to eat is taameya. It is a suitable meal to eat for breakfast because it contains beans in addition to vegetables that contain fiber and vitamins that the body needs. .

The seventh day, with Chef Rania Kassem, reviews a different way of serving ta’miya, which is preparing it stuffed with boiled eggs for a different meal for breakfast.


Modus operandi of falafel stuffed with boiled eggs

the components

2 cups of roasted beans

4 cloves of garlic, a large cup of green coriander

A large cup of parsley

medium onion

cumin, coriander, black pepper, salt, bicarbonate of soda “to taste”

Raw sesame

Boiled eggs


Modus operandi of falafel stuffed with boiled eggs

How to prepare

Soak the beans overnight in lukewarm water, preferably changing the water at least every two hours.

Wash the beans well and drain well from the water.

In the kneading machine, add all the ingredients except the sesame, and mix well until the mixture becomes homogeneous and smooth.

The mixture is placed in the refrigerator until it calms down

The dough is formed in the form of balls, and a boiled egg is placed inside it, and it is well wrapped.

Dip the dough in sesame and fry in hot oil until it is even and turns a slightly dark golden color.

Drain well from the oil and serve with fresh local bread and tahini salad next to the green salad.

The way the bait works
The way the bait works


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