Barbie launches a doll inspired by girls with Down syndrome. Pictures

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Inc. announced Mattel announces the debut of a Barbie doll inspired by girls with Down syndrome in an effort to represent more young girls around the world.

The brand’s latest doll will be available starting today across the UK.

And according to what was published by the Daily Mail, British model Ellie Goldstein, 21, who lives with Down syndrome and has worked with Vogue, Gucci and Adidas, celebrated the arrival of the new doll, admitting that she was “overwhelmed” with joy when she watched the game.

The doll, which was designed with the help of the US's National Down Syndrome Society, sports several features and symbols associated with the condition.

Mattel has worked with the National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS) The doll was designed in the United States to better represent women with the condition, and comes with a shorter frame and longer torso, as well as features commonly associated with Down syndrome..

The doll's face is rounder, with smaller ears, a flat nasal bridge and almond-shaped eyes.  Her palm includes one single line, which is a characteristic that can be associated with Down's syndrome

Barbie was released as part of a collection Fashionistas overall brand.

Ellie, who has worked with Gucci, Adidas, and is one of British Vogue's May cover stars, said the doll, pictured, means a lot to her

As for the dress in which Barbie appeared, it was designed in colors and graphics related to community awareness of Down syndrome, and a pink necklace symbolizing the Down syndrome was hung around her neck, which represents copies of the twenty-first chromosome, which causes the syndrome..

The Barbie is part of the Fashionista lines, which includes a Ken with a prosthetic leg and dolls with different ethnicities' and body shapes.

It is noteworthy that this is not the first initiative of the American manufacturer of Barbie dolls, as it has previously launched dolls with special needs, including Barbie sitting in a wheelchair, another Barbie with an amputated leg, and Barbie with vitiligo.


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