3 big mistakes in marriage, know how to avoid them.. most notably ignoring problems

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Any marriage, even if it is not based on love, is a relationship of partnership between a man and a woman who have decided to marry officially to form a family and to feel stable, and each of them seeks to build a new, happy and integrated life with this partner, except that there are some mistakes that they commit or that happen without realizing it. , which the first way to solve it is to recognize it with the life partner, and therefore the seventh day reviews with the expert in family relations, Sherihan El-Desouki, some of those most common mistakes that couples make to avoid them.

marriage problems

Ignore the problems

The family relations expert said that ignoring problems causes the aggravation of any problem, no matter how simple it is. It is normal for couples to ignore any problem, believing that this is the solution to end it, especially men, but ignoring causes the accumulation of problems, so it is possible to postpone its solution until the appropriate time comes. Or finding a solution, or even having an experienced person help with the solution, but avoiding it is a fatal mistake.

Exacerbation of differences
Exacerbation of differences

Not listening to each other

And she continued, it comes that the spouses do not listen to each other as a big problem, as some couples do nothing but stare at their phones without hearing what their partner is saying, because not listening is a major problem in the relationship, and some may think that listening is for a person to remain silent, but real listening involves To try to understand what the other person is communicating, the listener should make eye contact, ask questions, and discuss the conversation.

Marital problems
Marital problems

Believing that things will be resolved with time

The family relations expert added that many married couples go through many problems and discover mistakes that some cannot live with, but they overlook them on the pretext that they will end after marriage, believing that when they get married and stay in one house they will forget any problem and remain happy together, or even when They have children, any problem will end, but what some people do not know is that delaying or postponing happiness means not obtaining it in the future. The correct solution here is to try to find a solution to any problem before deepening the relationship, and if there is no solution, ending it is the solution.


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