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A former minister talks about “an order arranged at night” by MP Al-Adwan (video)

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publish date 2023-04-26 12:27:07

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The former minister, Dr. Maan al-Qatamin, published a video in which he spoke of his refusal to express any confidence in the Israeli authorities’ version of events, saying that what happened to the representative, Adwan, was “a matter planned at night.”

And last Sunday, Hebrew media claimed that the “aggression” was arrested while trying to smuggle weapons and quantities of gold across the King Hussein Bridge (Allenby with the Israeli designation) border between the two sides, while Amman has not yet announced the circumstances of the deputy’s presence in the region.

Immediately after the news of the arrest of the aggression was circulated, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed in a statement that it was following up the “alleged” incident, and this implies that Oman does not trust the occupation’s narrator, and therefore it does not rule out that the issue is “veinful.”

This is what Al-Qatamin confirmed in the video, saying, “This is a plot affecting Jordan, and it is inconceivable for the Jordanian representative to carry all these weapons and gold because they need a “dumper” (meaning a truck), and he is not foolish to transport all these weapons through the advanced Israeli crossings, which can be examined everything”.

The Israeli Broadcasting Corporation (official) said that Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi refused to receive a phone call from his Israeli counterpart, Eli Cohen, after the arrest.

Qatamin concluded that the Jordanian government should release the aggression now, because he is the son of a respected clan and a representative of the Jordanian people, who will not allow their dignity to be violated under any circumstances.

Observers believe that the recent security and political events between Jordan and Israel indicate an escalating tension between them, as each side tries to pressure the other with available options.

The Jordanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced, on Tuesday, that the Kingdom’s ambassador to Tel Aviv, Ghassan Al-Majali, met with Representative Imad Al-Adwan, who was arrested in Israel on charges of “smuggling” to check on his “legal and human rights.”

The “aggression” incident brings to mind what the two citizens, Hiba al-Labadi and Muhammad Marei, were subjected to in 2019, when “Israel” suspended them administratively, before it decided to release them after Amman summoned, at the time, its ambassador to Tel Aviv for “consultations,” which means that the same The scenario is an option that can be applied in the case of the arrested deputy.

Also, in January 2020, the Jordanian State Security Court issued a sentence to imprison the Israeli Konstantin Kotov for four months, on charges of possessing a narcotic substance with the intent to abuse and infiltrate the kingdom illegally, after his arrest in October 2019.

And the “aggression” is one of the youngest members of Parliament, he was born in 1988, and holds a master’s degree in law, and he has always called, through his speeches under the dome of Parliament, to support the Palestinian resistance.

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