Some foods are edible after mold appears. Learn the details

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Some foods must be disposed of immediately when parts of them are exposed to mold, but according to experts, others remain valid even after mold, according to the “Daily Mail” website, where Sylvia Anderson, a food hygiene consultant in London, said that fruits and vegetables Solids are usually safe after some mold appears, as long as you cut off the moldy parts, but sauces and bread carry health risks once exposed to mold..

Food mold

She said hard foods are safe because mold can’t penetrate deeply, but cautioned that this is not the case with softer, more moist items..


Some types of mold are dangerous to foods, because they can cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems, and some types of mold can also spread “mycotoxins” in foods, which are toxic substances that can cause food poisoning..

Among those who choose to remove mold from foods and then continue eating them is former UK Prime Minister Theresa May, who said she would rather scrape the mold off the top of a jar of jam than throw it away entirely..

The appearance of mold means the need to get rid of the following foods such as:

the bread

Pasta sauce

Liquid and soft cheese

hard fruits

hard cheese



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