“Shorts” are the most prominent trends in women’s clothing for Spring 2023.. different colors and lengths

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Every woman looks in her wardrobe during the spring season for comfortable pieces of clothing and at the same time helps her to get an elegant and distinctive look in front of everyone, so brands are keen to design clothes that fulfill women’s desire for that, and among the most prominent spring trends expected to spread are shorts in different colors, According to the British newspaper “Metro”.

Shorts are the most prominent trends of Spring 2023

Fashion experts expect the spread of “shorts” in different colors and materials, from linen to artificial leather, as well as various sizes, which can be worn with a blouse or “T-shirt”, or even a jacket designed specifically for shorts, and the types of “shorts” expected to spread in the spring of 2023 are..

High waisted linen shorts

The pastel-coloured linen short is an ideal piece of clothing for the spring season, as it is lightweight and comfortable, and at the same time makes women look elegant and attractive in front of others.

Pastel shorts

Shorts to work

There are shorts of suitable length, and it can be worn with a blouse or a “T-shirt”, with shoes and accessories suitable for going to the office, which helps women to obtain an elegant and attractive look.

Long shorts
Long shorts

Knee-length linen shorts

There are knee-length shorts made of linen that can be worn in the spring and summer seasons, and are comfortable and help in obtaining an elegant look.

Linen shorts
Linen shorts

Unisex shorts

There are also “shorts” that are suitable for both sexes and at the same time are black in color, so they can be worn with pieces of clothing of any color and at the same time help in obtaining an elegant and attractive look in front of others.

Black shorts
Black shorts

High waisted shorts

It is expected that “shorts” will be spread in light colors such as orange, which helps in obtaining a cheerful look in the spring and summer seasons.

orange shorts
orange shorts


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