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When the hot weather sets in, every woman wants to wear comfortable and elegant clothes that suit the weather, and suit her free and energetic wandering, and there are many trends in fashion, including the fashion trends of dresses for spring and summer 2023, and to know these trends, you can follow the following report, according to the magazine’s website. marieclaire“.

Best summer dresses:

Elegant Classic White Dresses:

Certainly, among the summer clothes, classic white clothes must be mentioned in the wardrobe for summer weather lovers, and there are many different looks for the white dress, for example, the long white cotton dress, the white long-sleeved short shirt dress, and the maxi dress White color.

white clothes

linen dresses:

Linen dresses are ideal when the weather is warm, and when the weather is hot, and because the linen fabric is lightweight on the skin mainly, it can be worn when there is a scorching temperature, and it can be worn in any color as desired, such as yellow, milky, black, olive and green.



printed clothes:

You can wear a floral dress with a favorite print, which makes the colors surprisingly bright, and there are some of those dresses that come in a classic look. The drawings can be worn in quiet colors, such as the soft green colors of nature, or in stark colors, such as fuchsia.

printed clothes

printed clothes

Pink dresses in shades:

It is nice to wear fun pink clothes, or any of its many shades, that give positive energy and joy, such as fuchsia and pink, pink dresses embossed with different rose drawings, which may be suitable for different occasions.

Pink clothes

Pink clothes

maxi dresses:

Maxi dresses give elegance, sophistication and beauty, and the maxi dress is long and rapidly increasing in popularity, and there are many forms of long dresses, including transparent dresses and dresses that are versatile and that may be worn in the upcoming fall season with a jacket on to complete the elegance.

Maxi dress
Maxi dress


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