I am afraid of a dog when a lion appears to me? A man is lying in his garden, only to be surprised by a “bear” in front of him

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Whoever forgets that wonderful scene in the play “Watch, I Didn’t See a Need”, when the lion came out of his cage and sat next to “Sarhan Abdel Basir”, the character embodied by the leader, Adel Imam, to say one of his most famous immortal epiphanies, “I am afraid of the dog looking at a lion.”

The man moments before the surprise

In the same way, we can watch this funny video, of a North Carolina man lying in his chair, holding his phone, and suddenly finding himself face to face with a bear outside his house, according to usatoday.

He ignores the warning

David Oppenheimer was scrolling through his phone after work when he got an alert from his doorbell camera system to see if there were bears there since they are known to be around his hometown of Asheville, North Carolina.

Oppenheimer didn’t see anything through his home cameras, so he let his guard down and continued browsing his phone. A minute later, another alarm went off, and as he turned his head, he found a bear standing in front of him.

Oppenheimer shock
Oppenheimer shock

As Oppenheimer looks at the bear “eye to eye”, it shows video of him clutching a pillow on his lounge chair, amazed to see the creature just a few feet away from him.

He said, “I was a little scared because he was there and I didn’t know what he was going to do.”

But the bear also seemed to be caught off guard, staring at Oppenheimer for a few seconds before running away. He said the bear didn’t look frightened, but was baffled by the situation.

Frequent visitor

This wasn’t the first time this black bear, who Oppenheimer says is likely a teenager, has been in his home. Earlier in the day, the same bear was in his backyard eating from the bird feeder before trying to get his trash in. with its neighbors, according to Oppenheimer.

Oppenheimer said bears are commonly seen in the community, as black bears can be found on 60% of the land in North Carolina, according to wildlife officials. They can be found in people’s backyards or walking around the community, and people aren’t really disturbed.

“We’re all used to them,” Oppenheimer said. They really don’t want to disturb people.

And he concluded, “Being so close to the bear is what made it a bit awkward facing him, but I’m thinking of adding a rear-view mirror to the chair he’s lying in, so I’m ready in case that happens again.. If I see him coming.. I’ll be a little calmer.” “.


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