How to make akkawi casserole in the oven

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Akkawi casserole is one of the popular dishes that can be eaten at lunch and that can be served with other side dishes, such as green salad, rice and some different dishes, so the seventh day reviews how to make Akkawi casserole in the oven according to Chef Mai Siam’s method.

Modus operandi of Akkawi tagine

How to make Akkawi tagine: Ingredients:

liters of hot water

Akkawi as desired

A quarter of a kilo of onions

Half a spoonful of minced garlic

A tablespoon of ghee

A quarter kilo of grated tomatoes


black pepper

and meat seasoning



Laura paper

How to prepare Akkawi tagine:

Prepare a suitable container and add hot water to it Then add the meat pieces

Then add onion, cardamom, mastic and bay leaf

Then leave the meat pieces for an hour on a quiet fire until they are ripe

Then prepare another bowl and add ghee, chopped onions and garlic and stir for a minute

Then add the meat after filtering it from the water and add salt, spices and tomatoes

Then leave the ingredients for five minutes on the fire

Then prepare a casserole, add all the ingredients, and put it in a hot oven at 200 degrees, for a quarter of an hour, and serve it with rice and salad.

Akkawi tagine
Akkawi tagine
Modus operandi of Akkawi tagine
Modus operandi of Akkawi tagine


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