3 light exercises you can do at home to get a flat stomach

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Every girl dreams of having a perfect and graceful body in order to wear whatever clothes she wants, to feel more confident and comfortable, and she may follow a diet to lose weight, but it may not bring the desired result. There are some ways to lose weight, including aerobic exercises that are able to make the abdomen flat and the body slender, according to the site “healthshots“.

And if the regular exercise aims to reduce belly fat, it should not be relied upon only, but one may need exercises for flat abdominal muscles. These exercises work on the abdominal muscles and not on the muscles of the trunk of the body, which do not burn calories high enough, and for this you must focus on the movements of the whole body.

Flat abs exercises:

Cardio exercises:

It means exercises that increase the heart rate, which makes the body lose fat quickly, which helps at the same time to tighten the abdomen while focusing on basic exercises to strengthen the muscles of the body, which makes the body thinner, and exercises such as running and jumping squats can be practiced. Stairs, high knees, jumping, swimming, Zumba, or any sport that helps burn fat and calories.

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Leg raise exercises:

Leg raises are a good exercise for the abdominal muscles, and it is not only for the abdominal muscles but also for other muscles.

How is the exercise done:

By lying on the back and bending the knee with the leg slowly raised above the hip, raising the knee to chest level with the abdomen facing up, then returning to the starting position, while not touching the ground, and repeating the exercise for 15 minutes with 2-3 sets.

Leg raise exercises

Leg raise exercises

Sit-up exercise:

The seated exercise is one of the best exercises for reducing abdominal fat, focusing on the upper and lower abdominal muscles.

How to do the exercise:

It is done by lying on the ground or a mat with the arm raised above the head, with the leg and hands lifted off the ground, taking a sitting position, and balancing on the butt while keeping the arm outstretched in front to form a letter Vwith the upper and lower body while continuing to breathe and counting slowly to the starting position, and repeat the exercise into 3 groups of 10-12 repetitions.

Sitting exercise
Sitting exercise


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