3 constellations You should not wear blue gemstones. They cause frustration and negative energy

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It is common for blue gemstones to help protect against envy, whatever its name or type, or even natural or artificial, but contrary to this common information, blue gemstones may not be beneficial for everyone, as there are a group of horoscopes that should be considered. Stay away from the blue stones completely, because they produce the opposite result, and the seventh day reviews these constellations, and presents you with alternatives to the blue stones to protect them from envy, according to the website bulletin.indiatvnews“.

Precious stones


Cancer is one of the signs that you should stay away from the blue gemstones, especially the blue sapphire, because it makes them suffer from mood swings, and makes them miserable people who do not feel comfortable psychologically easily, and makes them excessively feel negative energy and attracts people who do not like them, and at the same time The same people can use other stones that keep them away from envy and negative energy, such as the tiger’s eye stone, and the moon stone, which protects them from negative energy and envy, supports them, and gives them a sense of self-confidence.

Holy Rock
Holy Rock


Blue stones are among the stones that Leo owners should avoid, especially sapphire, although they protect against envy, but they make a person oscillating and unsure of himself, because the energy paths of the stone are not suitable for the physical energy paths, as they can It protects from negative energy, but it increases the negative energy of another, but there are other gemstones that protect the owners of this tower from envy, including green aquamarine and red spinel. They are stones of luck and positive energy for them, and they also enhance luck, confidence and love, and increase physical ability.

Gem energy
Gem energy


The blue color in general for Sagittarius people is one of the most harsh colors for them, as it limits their energy, searches for their freedom, and impedes their movement. It also works to limit access to wealth and money, especially the natural stones that are known for their blue color, and there are alternative gemstones to reduce Turquoise, emerald and sapphire stone, they help achieve dreams and reach the goal to be reached, and they also help clear the mind and get rid of negative energy.


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