Wearing socks with sandals, summer fashion 2023..can you try it?

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Wearing socks with sandals was a ridiculous look, so no one follows this look, but what some do not know is that it will become one of the most prominent summer looks during the coming period, after adopting the brand. glitteratiThis look, as many celebrities were seen following it, such as model Hailey Bieber and Bella Hadid, who follow this trend on vacation days, and rapper Kanye West wore a “slipper” studded with precious stones with stockings at the recent Burberry show, according to the newspaper’s website. British Metro.

This trend appeared on the platforms of famous brands, during fashion weeks, such as Gucci, Chanel, and others, and it was also followed by many people who were keen to appear in it with video clips on “Tik Tok”.

The trend of sandals with socks

Wearing socks with sandals or “slippers” is one of the trends expected to spread in the summer of 2023, and it depends on wearing net socks or any other socks as desired, such as socks decorated or printed with some graphics with “slippers” or sandals.

Wear socks with summer sandals

This look helps to feel comfortable while walking long distances, and can be worn with jeans and shorts or a shirt, while strolling in the park or traveling for a trip.

Another image
Another image

White socks can be worn with sandals or a black “slipper” for a simple look that matches any color of clothing.

Wear socks with summer sandals
Wear socks with summer sandals

This look was not limited to walking in the gardens or traveling to one of the places, but it can be followed when going to work, by wearing socks with sandals, a shirt, pants and suitable accessories to get an elegant and appropriate look that makes the person feel more self-confident, but in the event that the institution in which he works it allow it.


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