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Some people feel bored and lazy to leave the house throughout the days of Eid Al-Fitr and even the days of vacation remaining for it. It is preferable to spend the day at home, away from crowded entertainment places, and to enjoy some privacy, but they do not have certain ideas that help them enjoy the feast at home, so we review in the report The following are simple ideas to help spend the holidays at home.

Simple ideas help spend the holiday at home

Special food preparation

You can spend the Eid day at home by cooking a special and favorite meal for the family, or learning to cook a new meal that can be prepared at home, in order to get rid of the feeling of boredom during the day.

Watch a new movie

You can also watch a new movie while preparing a simple meal to eat while watching the movie, which helps to feel happy and get rid of boredom.

staying at home

Make a video call

You can make a video call with an expatriate friend or family member, to check on their conditions and bring back with them the best memories that brought you together, which helps you both feel familiar and happy for a while, or read a special book.

Enjoying the festive atmosphere
Enjoying the festive atmosphere

video games

Nothing is more fun than playing video games with friends or family members, or even sharing the game with someone on the Internet, which helps to feel happy and get rid of the boredom that some people feel during the holidays.

Sitting on the balcony of the house

The balcony of the house can be prepared by spreading a comfortable rug or adding a seat while listening to soft music and eating a simple meal, which helps to feel happy.

Feeling relaxed
Feeling relaxed


It is also recommended to practice physical exercises or meditation exercises, which help to feel happy and get rid of stress and anxiety, and at the same time help maintain body health, strengthen bones, and burn more calories in the body, and the person becomes more self-confident.


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