If you want to renew your look, learn how to draw feathered eyebrows in easy steps

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The girl may want to change the shape of her face dramatically, and the eyebrows are one of the easiest ways to do that, which makes the shape change in a sudden way. The girl may want to make her eyebrows full, thin, or according to what she wants. There is a trend of “feather eyebrows” that some girls may resort to, which are very similar to the natural look, and to learn how to draw feather eyebrows, you can follow the following report, according to the “”merakilane“.

What are the eyebrows feathers?

Feather eyebrows can be obtained through make-up, to imitate the shape of natural eyebrow hair, which makes the eyebrow more full and dense, and make the eyebrow in the form of feathers instead of the usual arc shape, and the feather eyebrow appears to be longer in the front, and shorter at the end of the eyebrow.

Eyebrows (2)

Important Tips for Feathered Eyebrows:

Eyebrow processing:

In the first step to obtain a natural feathered eyebrow, eyebrow preparation, and the eyebrows must be thick and thin, and for this the eyebrow hair must not be removed with wax, and makeup can be used to get the shape we want.

Eyebrow brush:

Before the eyebrow is filled, the eyebrow brush must be used to comb the eyebrow up, to reveal the true eyebrow line and to know the gaps in it.

Eyebrows (1)

Eyebrows (1)

Ipl drawing:

When starting to draw the hairs, they must be polished in places that do not contain natural hair, and care must be taken to obtain the correct direction of the eyebrow hair, while using small, upward movements to make it more natural, and that the hair lines tend towards the outer edge of the eye.

Polished brow texture:

In order to obtain a polished texture for the eyebrows, an eyebrow gel or eyebrow cream is used to clean the eyebrows up, remove any excess lines, and define the appearance of the feathers, while giving a firm texture, while using it gently, so as not to become too dark, to obtain the desired shape. in it.



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