If you forget a lot.. 6 simple daily changes that keep you focused

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With the large number of daily tasks, surprising tasks, and the rapid and stressful turmoil of life, some become forgetful, not because of illness, but because of the many responsibilities and things that must be accomplished in record time, and that must be implemented, as a result of the need for them immediately, whether work or tasks towards children. Or even academic or community responsibilities, this is what makes us forget the tasks that we intended to carry out despite their importance. Below, the seventh day reviews some tips for creating a daily routine to simplify your life and make it easier, which results in being more focused, according to the site’s bulletin.balancethrough simplicity“.

Get rid of oblivion

The importance of having a daily routine

Having a daily routine helps de-clutter your day and your entire life, helps keep your home and life going when life pushes you in different directions, and makes us more productive and efficient.

Write a list of what you need to do

You have to make two lists, one daily and one weekly, so that it helps you to carry out your tasks, not forget something and quickly reach your goals, and so that you are able to receive new tasks daily and weekly without accumulating anything on your shoulders, provided that it does not include lists of your work tasks only but also Also on managing your home, taking care of your family, and exercising.


Priority assessment

Although creating a daily routine will help you gain more time and freedom, you may discover that there is a difference between what you need to do and what you want to do and it can be postponed for later, so evaluate the priorities in the list and the things that you should definitely do, you can always add Some other things you like to do after you finish the basic tasks if you have time or effort left.

Make plan

Developing a plan will allow you to complete your tasks to the fullest, and make you have free time so that you can exercise and stay with your family, and arrange your tasks for the second day calmly, without stress, anxiety or pressure.

Forgetting problem
Forgetting problem

Be flexible

You have to give yourself a lot of space between tasks, in case things take longer, and you can always adjust your timing and daily routine while trying it and knowing what works and what does not, and sometimes life brings surprises that we have to do, such as going to the doctor or surprise visits .

It’s okay to try more than one routine

It is very good to put your thoughts on paper, but the real test will come when you actually try to try a new daily routine, and you should know that it does not force you to balance the same thing daily, or weekly, because life is renewed and changing, and your priority today may not be important tomorrow.


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