If friends or relatives take advantage of your children’s efforts, know how to put an end to the problem

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In the vicinity of friends and neighbors, we may find some of them exploit children to meet his needs, carry out their orders, do some tasks for them and serve them, so we find some friends ask the child to go and bring him things or buy something, and this may teach the child to be helpful and cooperative, but if he exceeds his limit It may turn into exploitation, and some of the orders of friends may cause embarrassment to the child and sometimes force him to do something without his desire, so how can we deal with this situation?

Shaima al-Iraqi, a family relations and behavior modification consultant, provided several tips to help mothers deal with this problem, and how to teach your children the appropriate reaction even when you are not around him.

Some tips for mothers to stop exploiting their children

– Teach your child that he has the right to refuse to ask him for anything without his desire, and that help is as much as he can and without coercion or coercion.

He has to understand the comparison between exploitation and assistance with the repeated request of the child to do things and the insistence in carrying out the thing is considered as coercion and exploitation of the child, without taking into account the child’s exhaustion or embarrassment to refuse the request

– Some friends only take advantage of your children and do not ask their children to do any work, that is, they work for the comfort of their children at the expense of your child’s comfort, so you should pay attention to that and be aware of the exploitation of your child.

– Do not take the initiative to offer your children’s help to your friends or relatives without asking your child’s opinion about the possibility of helping them and discussing what he can do.

– Do not abuse or force your child if he refuses to help, and make him help them with his desire and without coercion.

– You have to develop the child’s self-confidence and work on strengthening his personality and his ability to make decisions and reject what does not suit him without shame or fear.


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