Exams are around the corner.. 4 different ways to motivate your child to study

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Many schools have announced exam schedules to evaluate the end of the second semester, and this corresponds to the end of the Eid al-Fitr vacation period, and the invitations and exits of Ramadan, and this is what puts the child and parents in shock, how to return to studying with the same enthusiasm as the beginning of the study, and not only that, but studying to enter the exams This is indicated by the siteoxfordlearningTo motivate the child and make him ready to take the exams.


Choose a stimulus for your child

You have to choose a motivating method for the child to encourage him to study and finish his final review, and the first thing is to give him self-confidence, so that he studies with love and not with anger.

Make your study time easier

Parents should make study time as easy as possible by providing him with everything necessary to complete his lessons, by creating a quiet place, free of things that can distract the child such as television, telephone, computer, or a child playing in front of him, by providing useful food that helps him. focus, and provide study tools such as pencils, erasers, calculators, and other important tools so that time is not wasted trying to find them.


Make an appropriate schedule and plan

Children work well with a schedule. Having a solid study plan will help keep your child on track. Just sit down with your child and make a plan to complete homework and meals, so that he learns to be observant and organized. The schedule should include the time he should spend on homework. The number and duration of rest periods, setting priorities and the necessity of achieving them.

Create a reward system

Build a reward system with your child so that he has something to look forward to once the study time is complete, as this is considered the key to success and progress, and the motivation during the study period may be watching TV, playing with the phone or Playstation, or drawing and coloring, or let the child choose the method appropriate to reward him.



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