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Representative Adwan performed a national and religious duty that we cherish

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publish date 2023-04-24 08:06:07

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The National Forum for Supporting the Resistance and Protecting the Homeland affirmed that Representative Imad Al-Adwan has performed a patriotic, national and religious duty that we are proud of. We call for an official position based on popular consensus on the necessity of his immediate release and return to his dear homeland and home.

The Forum said in a statement that reached “Al-Bawsala” that it is neither strange nor reprehensible for those who flow in the blood of freedom, dignity, dignity, dignity, and support for the oppressed to triumph for his people and his freedoms in Palestine in general and Al-Aqsa Mosque in particular, and those whose appeals for help exceeded the ends of the world, and the forces of evil and aggression gathered against them for a hundred years. A year during which they sacrificed hundreds of thousands of martyrs and many times more wounded, hundreds of thousands of prisoners, and millions of homeless people who were evacuated from their land to be replaced by the Zionists, who were imported from the periphery of the world, with Arab silence and international conspiracy.

The statement emphasized that, despite the lack of information received, which comes from the Zionist occupation only, what every Jordanian knows is that Representative Imad Al-Adwan was breathing the Palestinian resistance’s concern and identifying with the heroics of the revolutionary Palestinian youth.

And he stressed that the Zionist enemy is stalking the free people of our country and seeks to besiege them and disturb their patriotic cries, which consider the Palestinian issue to be a Jordanian issue par excellence; They consider the resistance in Palestine a protection for Jordan.

The National Forum noted that the Zionists had previously conspired against our citizens and killed innocent Jordanians in cold blood on the soil of Jordan, yet they were released without charge. to have an official reception for them in the prime ministership of the entity with the utmost disregard for the blood and dignity of Jordanians; A Jordanian judge has already been killed on the bridge connecting Palestine in cold blood and without the slightest concern or subsequent investigation.

He said that we in Jordan, the government and people, must stand together today to restore the freedom of the gallant representative of aggression immediately and return him to his homeland, his clan, and his dear home, with his head held high; And clarifying the picture with a Jordanian novel based on the truth, far from being affected by the noise and Zionist intimidation.

The statement concluded by saying: The representative of aggression deserves freedom because he represents the conscience of the authentic Jordanian people and a salute to every resisting Arab and Islamic heartbeat, (and God is victorious over his affairs, but most people do not know).


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