Why is the joy of Eid less with age? Psychiatrist answers

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Do you remember when we were young, trying to sleep until we prayed the Eid prayer, then playing and having fun until we fell from exhaustion next to our new scented clothes, which we wear when we go to the family gathering at night, playing, laughing, eating, watching beautiful movies, and sharing with each other how We will spend the Eid, and here we are today, we have grown up, and the joy of many has vanished even on the third day of the Eid, so why do we no longer feel that joy that we used to know when we were young, so “The Seventh Day” contacted the psychologist Muhammad Mostafa, to answer us in the coming lines. About the reason for the absence of joy in the holidays as we age.

What negative feelings do we feel in moments of joy?

Although we cannot generalize, many people experience unexpected feelings of sadness during moments of joy, so the sense of loss and loss creeps into those moments when we should feel joy at that time, and some may develop physical symptoms such as broken heart syndrome, sudden chest pain It makes a person think that he is suffering from a heart attack, or that there are mixed feelings between sadness and joy, so while he is sad, he can participate in smiling at a funny memory, or an interesting conversation, and there are many reasons that explain to us why this happened, the most prominent of which.

Excessive expectations and hopes

Although we are happy, we can feel sad and disappointed when what we were looking forward to does not happen. Expecting the unrealistic can lead us to feel sad, or to focus our attention on what is lost instead of what is there. In beautiful events, some undesirable things happen, which cause joy to be diminished by negative emotions such as annoyance or discomfort.

Memories of the past

Memories can interrupt the pleasant moments, so we remember unpleasant moments that spoil our sense of joy. For example, we may remember a person who died, and the person accused himself of being negligent, and how he could rejoice when he was sad, or that he remembered a bad situation that had previously occurred in such a gathering. Revisits the bad times with the good times.

The mourning of parents and grandparents in the midst of the fun atmosphere

In the midst of the hustle and bustle, some parents may feel sad, as a result of their sense of loss and loss. Parents who watch their children go through a stage of development may suffer a sense of loss as their children grow up and become increasingly independent, thus becoming physically and emotionally separated from the parents. One of the parents may feel a strong sense of loss when his child marries, although the child here feels proud, but there are feelings of loss among the parents, and the sadness in the moments of gathering is the realization that this time will pass and that the little child has grown up and will leave after a few hours, or the absence of one of his children from that the gathering.

Hide sadness

Compounding their feelings of sadness is their belief that they do not deserve their feelings. It may be difficult to understand the acceptance that happy occasions can also bring about feelings of loss. Grief may be exacerbated by the response of friends and family who struggle to understand why the person is suffering, or in the absence of empathy. The person feels guilt, shame, and isolation around their grief, which leads them to suppress their feelings or hide them from loved ones..

What do we do when sadness threatens our enjoyment of happy moments?

We have to embezzle the joy, and to face the sadness in those times that should be happy, the fact that the present time is to fleeting moments that will pass can motivate us to enjoy, and strive to make the most of it, to dive into those beautiful moments, we have to steal the joy As long as we can. There are many things that we can do to feel joy, for example we can try something new, prepare dinner and invite friends, spend time with the family, or visit a charitable institution such as a care home for orphans to bring joy to their hearts, all of this and more helps us to feel joy.

Loss of passion
Holiday family gatherings
Holiday family gatherings
Loss of feeling festive joy
Loss of feeling festive joy


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