The modus operandi of the spoiled woman in easy steps.. Spoil your children on the feast

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The Mudallaa is a famous dessert close to the hearts of many, so “The Seventh Day” reviews, in the following lines, how to make the Mudallaa according to Chef Mai Siam’s method, with easy steps in your kitchen.

rolling components

How to work the rolling pin:

the components


Chantilly cream.

Half a lemon.

Half a cup of ghee.

Caramel sauce.


a cup of sugar.

A quarter cup of oil.

a cup of milk

A quarter of a kilo of basbousa.

A quarter of a kilo of Kunafa.

Two tablespoons of soft sugar.

A cup of grated chocolate.

2 cups of warm water.

The method of preparation of the spoilage

First, prepare a tray, then spread the mixture and press it, after crumbling the Konafa well.

Then add the powdered sugar and margarine, stirring well, until the kunafa absorbs the mixture.

Then put it in a hot oven at 180 degrees.

Then give him the sherbet.

Then prepare the basbousah by rubbing it with water and milk.

Then put it in a hot oven.

Then prepare the sherbet by mixing sugar and water, and put it on the fire and let it boil.

Then remove it from the heat, and add lemon juice.

Then take the kunafa out of the tray and put chantilly cream and some nuts and caramel on it, and add a layer of basbousa from the kunafa, nuts and chocolate as desired.

Funny work spoiled
Funny work spoiled


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