Norway opens the world’s longest pedestrian and cycling tunnel, costing $29 million

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Norway opened the world’s longest bicycle tunnel, as a 3-kilometer pedestrian and cycling tunnel was dug at the base of Mount Lovestaken, and its makers said it was the longest tunnel of its kind built for this purpose.

The tunnel was opened on April 15, after it took four years to build, since February 2019, and the cost of the huge state-funded project amounted to approximately $ 29 million, equivalent to 300 million Norwegian crowns, according to the website. CNN Arabic.

It takes just under 10 minutes to cross the tunnel by bicycle, and about 40 minutes on foot. To break the monotony of a windowless tunnel, passers-by inside the tunnel see a variety of art installations throughout, in addition to different colors and lighting to help users locate themselves on the journey and save money. sense of direction.

The details of the tunnel and its dazzling decorations

The tunnel includes two lanes, one for bicycles and the other for pedestrians

There are two lines in the tunnel, one for cyclists with a width of 3.5 meters, and another for pedestrians and runners with a width of 2.5 meters.Bybanen UtbyggingWe put a blue rubber floor all over the tunnel, similar to a sports track, and this makes it much more enjoyable to use than if one were just walking on the asphalt.

The city of Bergen, which includes the tunnel, is the second largest city in Norway, and the Bergensbanen railway connects the coastal city to the Norwegian capital, Oslo, with a length of 496 km.

The tunnel from the inside
The tunnel from the inside

While promoting “Fyllingsdalstunnelen” For itself the longest purpose-built bicycle tunnel in the world, the former train tunnel is noteworthy “Snoqualmie” The 3.6-kilometer stretch of Washington, D.C., east of Seattle, is now a corridor for cyclists, runners, and walkers, and is part of the Trail “Palouse” And Cascades State Park Trail Which is 250 miles long.

A running and cycling tunnel in Norway
A running and cycling tunnel in Norway


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