He fulfilled his childhood dream.. An Indian builds a villa in the shape of the Titanic. “Photos”

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The Indian “Mintoo Roy”, who lives in the Darjeeling district of Bengal, has always had a dream of living in a house in the shape of the Titanic since he was a small child growing up in Kolkata, and one year, during the festival of Durga Puja, he was very impressed with “Pendal” on The shape of the Titanic, a temporary structure built to honor the gods during Hindu religious ceremonies, so much so that one day he decided to build his own home in the style of the famous passenger liner, and today, at the age of 52, he still has not given up on his dream as he works hard to finish his already impressive home, the Titanic. Darjeeling.

A house in the shape of a ship

building plans

After moving to different parts of India in search of work and a better life, Roy settled in West Bengal and began making plans to start building his dream house, but finding someone to help him build a house in the shape of the Titanic proved to be easier said than done. Building with his vision and those who asked for more money than the farmer paid, so he decided in the end to design and build it himself, according to the website. odditycentral.

After going to Nepal for 3 years to study construction, Mintu Roy started work on his unique 3-storey house, where it has been 13 years now, because he lacked the funds to complete it sooner, but he hopes to live inside it one day with his family.

Huge costs for the house

Mintu’s wife, Etty, said, “Although we have not kept a record of how much money has been spent so far, I think it should not be less than 15,000 rupees, equivalent to $182,000. We were very poor and after the birth of my daughter we started renting the land from others and we started growing vegetables.”

the home
the home

The Titanic fan hopes to finish the house in the coming years and open a small restaurant or tea shop upstairs, as an additional source of income. Even in its current unfinished state, the 39-foot-long, 13-foot-wide, 30-foot-high house has become a major tourist attraction in the area. , where reporters come regularly to take pictures and interview Minto about it.

The 52-year-old farmer wants to make the Titanic as impressive inside as it is outside by installing a grand staircase as well as intricate woodwork, a main deck and a private control room.

Mintu Roy’s supportive wife said, “This is my husband’s dream, so it is my dream and my children’s dream… We all want to help him achieve this.”


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