He complained to the police .. A passenger of an American plane goes into a fit of anger because of a crying child (video)

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A video clip spread on social media platforms, in which a passenger on a plane appears screaming at the flight attendants because of a crying child, according to what was reported by the “”people“.

In the clip shared on TikTokThe unidentified man loudly expressed his frustration with the company’s employees Southwest Airlines In the middle of the flight after claiming that the child had been crying on the flight for 40 consecutive minutes.

In the video, the man says, “We are in a tin can with a child in the echo chamber, and you want to talk to me about being okay,” while one of the flight attendants referred to him as “screaming.” He replied, “This is how the child is.. Did he pay an extra amount to scream?” .

Representative refused to Southwest Comment on the details of the position when it was reached by PEOPLE For comment, he shared the following statement: “We commend our crew for displaying outstanding professionalism while dealing with a difficult situation, and we extend our apologies to the other customers on board who experienced such unacceptable behaviour.”

The report says it is unclear how the man’s collapse escalated into the situation seen in the video clip, as he can also be heard directing several insults at the flight attendants, and when asked to lower his voice, he replied: “Lower that child’s voice.”

The passenger complains of a crying child

As documented by Mark Grabowski, user TikTokThe flight to Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport eventually stopped at Orlando International Airport, after it got stuck in waiting mode due to bad weather, then Grabowski claimed via “Tik Tok” that the man was refusing to get off the plane in Orlando, which prompted everyone in The end to get off the plane.

The angry passenger later appeared in the video talking to authorities and airline staff away from the plane, and the TikTok user wrote: “He tried to plead his case that he had the right to scream because there were two adults with the crying baby and he shouldn’t have disturbed them.” He continued, “Well, this may not have been what his wife imagined on the Florida trip.”

Southwest Airlines plane
Southwest Airlines plane

And he said Grabowski later to network FOX 35“It was difficult and uncomfortable for everyone, and the kid was upset, but we couldn’t get up because of the weather, and we were shackled to our seats,” a passenger said in the video. “Basically shut that kid up, and it escalated from there.”

Grabowski also told the news station that the flight crew gave the man the option of getting off the plane or forcibly removing everyone else with him. Everyone goes through it, but that doesn’t paint him well, but maybe he’s going through something and we have to give everyone a little sympathy.”


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