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The fashion of wide eyebrows was already widespread during the nineties, including well-groomed and random ones, and because the eyebrows are the first thing that appears on anyone’s face, so many girls took care of them, and they even care that these broad eyebrows are fixed and raised in order to be in line with the 2023 fashion for eyebrow drawings. Which appeared strongly during Eid Al-Fitr, so “The Seventh Day” reviews the return of wide eyebrows as a fashion for this year and how to draw and install them, according to the website.thefashiontag” as follows:

wide eyebrows

The return of wide eyebrows in 2023 fashion

Atypical wide eyebrows are very popular during this period, especially because it is comfortable and does not require a daily or even weekly routine, as it is only left to grow and display, and these wide eyebrows suit any face shape, whether oval, round, or even thin, provided that the thickness of the eyebrows is Appropriate.

wide eyebrow
wide eyebrow

How to draw a wide eyebrow and fix it

Do not remove hair

To make your eyebrows wide, they must be left for up to two months without removing excess hair. You should only rely on cleaning them only and removing the small hairs from the bottom, specifically in the eyebrow remover.


Apply oil before bed

An optional step, especially if you already moisturize your face well, put a few drops of olive or castor oil on your eyebrows before going to sleep, as this process increases the thickness and density of your eyebrows.

drawing eyebrows
drawing eyebrows

Apply hair gel for fixation

If you do not have eyebrow soap that fixes the shape of the eyebrows, you can use the fixing hair gel, and this is before applying cosmetics and drawing the eyebrows, provided that this matter is only on going out or on occasions so that the gel does not make the eyebrows hair fall out.

Nineties fashion
Nineties fashion


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