Tales from Shahrzad’s tongue.. The 30th story “Sandok, Nutaq, and playing ball in the street on the feast.”

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Scheherazade sat next to her husband, Shahryar, to tell him a new story from the stories of “Sandaq and Nutaq”. I will go to the market to buy vegetables and fruits, and then we will go out together. It is forbidden to leave the house at all, do you understand?”

Scheherazade narrated to Shahryar

The two children replied, “Understand, mother.” Bundoq said, “We will stay at home, don’t worry.”

After their mother left the house, Sandaq had an idea and said to his brother Bunduq: “What do you think we go out to play with our friends Ziad, Shadi and Hani, a ball outside in front of the house until Mama comes back from the market, and then this is the first day of Eid.”

Hazelnut and hazelnut
Hazelnut and hazelnut

Bunduq was angry at Sandaq’s idea, and said to him: “It is not useful, Sandaq. We promised Mama, and we must listen to her words, and we will stay at home until she comes, and we will go out with her and make room.”

Sandaq tried to convince his brother Bunduq, saying: “What is wrong, Bunduq, when we play outside with our friends for a while? Believe me, Mama will not be upset.”

Hazelnut replied to him, saying: “No, Sandaq, Mama, you will definitely be upset, like the last time when you went down without saying it and played ball in the street and fell on the ground and got injured and got angry with you and prevented you from playing for 5 days and forgave you after that when you promised her that you would not repeat it again.”

Bunduq continued his speech, saying: “The teachings of our religion and the beautiful morals that we were brought up with tell us that we must listen to our mother’s words all the time, because our Lord loves us and respects and appreciates our mother as well.”

Nut and nut and playing in the street
Nut and nut and playing in the street

Hazelnut felt ashamed of his idea and said to Hazelnut: “I’m sorry, I will not upset Mama again. You are with Hazelnut, Hazelnut. I must always listen to Mama’s words.”

Scheherazade continued her story, saying: “The two children, Sundaq and Hazelnut, sat in their room until their mother came from outside, and she felt happy that their child listened to her and carried out her orders, so she gave them pieces of their favorite candy, and they went together to one of the gardens, and the two children felt happy.”


The stories of Sandaq and Nutaq throughout the month of Ramadan aroused the admiration of Shahryar, who finally decided to pardon Scheherazade, and they lived in Tabat and Nabat, leaving boys and girls.


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