Jet Salima.. Etiquette of refusing to marry a young man in a decent way without hurting his feelings

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Salima, “Donia Samir Ghanem”, refused to marry one of the khutbahs in a decent way without hurting his feelings in one of the episodes of the series “Jet Salima”. In fact, the bride or her family may refuse the applicant to marry their daughter in an embarrassing way. Hala Al-Azab referred to him.

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The expert on etiquette and human relations told Youm7: “The girl’s family should complete the applicant’s visit while welcoming him and presenting the duty of hospitality equipped for his visit in full. It is not valid to refuse on the same day as the visit for the proposal, because it is a severe violation of the rules and etiquette of visits for engagement

She continued: “If the reason for rejection is because of his social or cultural level, or for any other reason, then it is inappropriate for this reason to be disclosed, as this is considered criticism of the applicant and causes wound and sadness in his heart, but it is imperative for the girl or her family to be rejected for a reason that concerns them, that Their daughter is not interested in this matter at the present time, or that their daughter is seeking to complete her education or any reason related to the girl, not the applicant for engagement. His feelings, after refusal, it is not right for the applicant to try to woo the girl and pursue her for dialogue, so as not to embarrass and disturb the girl.


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