If you are going out today for Eid… 5 tricks that will make you feel neither hot nor thirsty

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On Eid Al-Fitr, many families and families are preparing to go out to parks and gardens to enjoy the spring weather, but the high temperatures, coinciding with the holidays, may make some decide to cancel the exit, or to search for places away from the sun and high temperatures, but with the decision to go out there. Some precautions that must be taken, whether for adults or children, according to what was published by the “medicalnewstoday“.

Going out on holiday

wear the hat

A hat should be a staple while you or your kids are out in the sun, to protect your head from sun exposure, however you should also avoid being in sun spots for long periods of time.


You must use sunglasses, which in turn protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun, and keep a large part of the face in order not to expose it to the same harmful rays.

public parks
public parks

Use sunscreen

Beauticians advise the need to use sunscreen at any time, let alone with the high temperatures, so you must use sunscreen, with a moisturizer for the skin to keep it from overheating, and avoid skin burns.

Wear loose-fitting, light-colored clothing

You should choose loose clothes made of cotton to keep your body well ventilated, and not feel sweaty, in addition to choosing light-colored clothes, so that they reflect the sun’s rays instead of dark colors that absorb heat, with the need not to wear jeans that trap temperatures, and replace them with wide dresses to reduce the feeling of heat.

High temperatures
High temperatures

Pay attention to food

It is preferable to pay attention to eating food rich in fiber and drinking more water, in the days before going out, to maintain body moisture from the inside for as long as possible, while avoiding eating foods rich in spices and spices.


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