How do you make your child prepare for exams after Eid?.. tips that increase his focus

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After setting exam dates for the end of the year, which coincided with the end of the Eid al-Fitr holiday, there are many children who are unable to study during the days of Ramadan, as a result of fasting all day and their inability to comprehend and focus, or in the evening as a result of the large number of invitations, television programs and series, and after that the holidays. Sham al-Nessim and the Day of Resurrection, and after that the blessed Eid al-Fitr, but there are some tips that can be adhered to that help the child focus, regardless of the temptations around him. “The Seventh Day” reviews them with the human relations expert, Sabreen Jaber, to rid your child of distraction and fatigue, and make him study with concentration after the celebrations.

Prepare for exams

Get adequate sleep

The human relations expert said that the child should get enough sleep, so that he can remember the information and focus on preparing for the exams. The inability to absorb.

Stay away from distractions

And the human relations expert continued that you should take care of preparing a place designated for studying, away from distractions such as television, radio, telephone, and computer, because it is important that the intention is to study, as the Ramadan distraction from advertising music, and the sounds of programs and series, can unintentionally attract the child to it.


Interest in practicing meditation

The child should take care of practicing sports in general, and the sport of meditation in particular, in order to overcome stress and anxiety, and fall asleep without distraction, provided that the exercise is in an open place, far from noise.

Pay attention to nutrition

The mother should provide useful foods that help the child focus, pay attention to fresh fruits and vegetables instead of ready-made meals, sweets or cooked cooked foods, and take advantage of the month of Ramadan with the availability of nuts, especially cashews and walnuts, because they contain omega-3, which helps focus, and to be Fish is a staple meal at least twice a week.

End-of-year exams
End-of-year exams

Avoid consuming caffeine

The mother should replace the caffeine found in tea, coffee, instant coffee, and energy drinks, with a glass of milk or fresh juice, in order to avoid feelings of anxiety, tension, and mood swings, in addition to the fact that these drinks help in the inability to fall asleep.

Take care of rest time

Just as the mother takes care of the study time, she should also take care of the rest time, and allocate time between one subject and another, so that the child does not feel nervous pressure, so there is no objection to using that period to take a shower, or to listen to music, or to read magazines and the library, or to participate with his sisters in some games , or his participation in the preparation of food or home.


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