Eid is a joy.. What is the origin of Eid and its different names through the ages?

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Families are keen to celebrate Eid al-Fitr and give their children Eidiya, whose value varies according to the age of the child, so children wait for it from one Eid to another and rejoice in it and are keen to collect it to buy what they like of toys and sweets, etc., but not many people know the origin of Eidiya, and its different names, which We review them in this report.

What is the origin of Eidiya and its different names?

Fees and expansion in the Fatimid period

Some sayings indicated that the feast had its origins in the Fatimid era, when money and clothes were distributed to the people, on the occasion of the feast, and it was known by names such as “fees” and “expansion”, and the princes were keen to present the feast to children in the form of golden dinars, money for children and gifts .

Eid distribution at the feast

Eidiya in the Ottoman era

The shape of the feast evolved in the Ottoman era, and took the form of golden dinars, which were presented in the form of gifts to children.

Another image
Another image

It was known as “Jamikia” in the Mamluk era

Some historical narrations mentioned that the “Eidiyya” was known in the Mamluk era, and it was known as “Al-Jamikiya”, meaning the money allocated for the purchase of clothes, according to what was mentioned by some sayings, which also indicated that the Eidiyya was distributed according to the social status of the person, so the people of high ranks such as the princes were distributed They had gold dinars, fine food and sweets, and they were given as a gift from the ruler.

Eid distribution
Eid distribution

Gifts and money in the modern era

With the development of the era, the forms of the feast differed, and it became estimated according to the age group and social status, for example, the elders of the family are keen to give money to the children, and the preacher is keen to give money with some gifts to his fiancée when she visits her on Eid Al-Fitr, and the husband is keen to give his wife a feast that consists of money and some gifts, The feast was not limited only to the family within the family, but the youth received a feast, which consisted of money whose value was higher than the financial value distributed to children.


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