An elephant is famous for peeling bananas and refusing unripe fruits … and a researcher studying his behavior “photos”

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In a funny gesture, an elephant in the Berlin Zoo, called “Bang Fa”, was famous for his preference that the bananas he eats be the ideal level of bright yellow ripeness, and he also likes the bananas to be peeled, and sometimes he peels the bananas using his trunk, as Lena Kaufman said, A doctoral student in biology at Humboldt University in Berlin, “It is a very rare and specific behavior.. In the Berlin Zoo, there are no other elephants that do that.”

Research paper on banana peeling

Kauffman is the first author on a paper on the elephant Bang Fa’s banana peeling dexterity and preferences, published this week in the journal Current Biology.

Kaufmann was studying other aspects of elephant behavior when zookeepers told her about ways to handle bang fruit, and out of curiosity, she began to bring bananas to the elephant to see if she would peel it, and said: “I will give it to her, and she will eat it whole .. And I began to doubt that, to be Honestly, I wasn’t sure.

The doctor gives the elephant a banana

Green bananas are tough to peel

But after about two weeks, she realized that Bang wasn’t the problem. The bananas weren’t ripe yet, and green bananas were difficult to peel. “At one point I brought a ripe banana, and then I saw this peel,” she said. and Bang Style are impressive from a motor skills perspective.

Elephant Bang
Elephant Bang

Elephant Bang peels bananas in one second

On average, it takes the movie Pang a second to peel and eat a banana faster than a human. And while Pang peels a yellow banana and devours a whole green one, she doesn’t care for anything overripe. This becomes clear when you give her a black or brown banana, and she politely drops it on the ground.

Bang isn’t the only elephant in the world that peels bananas, there are others that do the trick — though Kaufman says their techniques vary, and it’s possible they’ve been trained, no one has ever trained Bang to peel a banana.

Peeling Bang is impressive, though not entirely surprising, says ecologist Chase Ladue, who studies elephant behavior but was not involved in this research. “I’ve seen elephants manipulate their food in ways that seem to indicate individual preferences, including peeling bananas.”


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