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Eid is an opportunity to promote the value of togetherness, away from abstract material meanings

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publish date 2023-04-22 12:32:28

Amman – Raed Sbeih

Professor of Sociology at Mutah University, Dr. Hussein Mahadin confirmed in his statements to “compass“The advent of the Eid al-Fitr holiday is an opportunity to emphasize the values ​​of solidarity and true support that our great religion came to consolidate and strengthen as a religious and human duty, pointing at the same time to the need for relatives and relatives to excuse each other if there is a failure to provide “Eidiyat” and material gifts. Because of the difficult circumstances that all members of our society are going through.

Mahadin said: Let us affirm that the Jordanian Arab society has been affected by many elements of change incoming to it, and perhaps the most difficult of them is what is known as the supremacy of individual values, that is, a person believes that he is first, but he forgets that the completion of his humanity is not complete except through his interaction with his surroundings, starting with his family, passing through his relatives in the geographical area and with humanity. all.

And he continued by saying: Therefore, we find that in the holidays a payment for a religious effort and a commitment to a distinguished morality based on solidarity with others and their support and the work of social support for the weak among them in addition to the performance of religious duties, stressing that this integrated system that formed the identity of the Muslim person is free to complete its maturity in terms of the nature of providing joy And congratulations on the holidays.

Prof. Dr. Hussein Mahadin: The supreme values ​​of the feast must take precedence over the abstract material meanings in order to complete the noble meanings of the feast and provide an excuse for others

Mahadin went on to say: But we must remember that the economic conditions pressing on people require children, parents, and all those who fall under the kinship relationship to take into account the conditions of others, as the obligations are great, as the people who came out of Ramadan and before it are exhausted economically and psychologically.

Mahadin said: Therefore, we must complete this religious joy in all its noble meanings by excusing others and reminding the common saying (O guest, you were not single), meaning that each of us can go through exceptional circumstances.

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He pointed out that “the principle in things is the connection of kinship and moral communication, even if there is an opportunity or possibility to support the other with appreciation or a financial gift that he had,” adding: “But we must not stand on these sensitive dimensions, and we also say that these periodic occasions with their sanctity work Increasing social cohesion and our return from individual values ​​to collective values ​​that we feel whenever a member is injured or sick, we all fall back on him.”

Mahadin concluded his remarks to:compassBy saying: Human values ​​transcend money and transcend geography, but they are inclusive of the beautiful values ​​of religious holidays from an Islamic and human perspective, and therefore we have to remind that we can perform our duties on the feast as it should, and that we accept what is limited, but the highest value that we seek to deepen in these Difficult circumstances are the value of synergy and support in all that this concept bears in terms of value that precedes the abstract material meanings, as I see it.

Aligned with the “compass”: This is how we must read the feast in all its noble and sublime meanings


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