Know the secret of the association of weddings with the feast of the Egyptians..a custom that began in the days of the Pharaohs

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Celebrating holidays is something that everyone does, starting from Eid al-Fitr until Christmas, New Year’s and the Prophet’s birthday, but it was associated many times with holding weddings and special events in the small feast, which was explained by “The Seventh Day” that since the time of the ancient Egyptians, celebrations were sanctified Religious banquets are held, parties are held, vows are made and sacrifices are made, which made them hold their weddings also at this time, blessed by the goodness that comes with the holidays, according to the site “ short-history


Know the secret of the association of weddings and personal events with Eid

Marriage during the era of the ancient Egyptians had many details, whether the net that was made of silver and pure gold, even the list of movables that were engraved with the conditions of marriage that it would last forever and that the tasks were divided equally between the spouses, as both were responsible for establishing a successful and loving family.

A wedding in the era of the ancient Egyptians
A wedding in the era of the ancient Egyptians

As for weddings, from this time until now they have been associated with the holidays for several reasons, the first of which is that the costs of the wedding ceremony will be lower with the holidays because it is normal to buy new clothes for the feast, so we will not have to buy other clothes for joy. Together, the wedding and the feast.

Egyptian husband and wife
Egyptian husband and wife

It is also believed that the blessing of the holidays makes the bride and groom enjoy fertility and goodness in their lives, and that the time of the holidays is a great opportunity to announce to everyone the marriage of the two brides, and all weddings were held in a decent manner and with specific ceremonies, starting from going to the temple until preparing the bride with her ornate clothes, makeup and hair ornaments inlaid with gold and precious stones And to this day, Egyptians prefer and love to hold their weddings with feasts and religious occasions to make joy two joys.


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