How do you adjust the Eid budget without making it too narrow for yourself or ruining it?

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Eid is a joy. This is how the Egyptian people and the Arab and Islamic world sing the blessed Eid al-Fitr, which begins with the end of the blessed month of Ramadan and begins with the days of Eid, which are considered official holidays, whether from schools or work, which makes every head of a family strive to make it a happy holiday for his children and his family, whether by making a celebration At home or going out for walks and at times for travel, which may require an additional budget for him in order to be able to make his children have fun, so “The Seventh Day” reviews, with family relations expert Sherihan El-Desouki, how to ideally determine the Eid budget without extravagance or complexity as follows.

Eid prayers

Eat meals at home

Holidays are related to foods and banquets, as the family relations expert explained that it is better to eat meals at home, and prepare them with the participation of children, whether by buying local kahk and not necessarily buying large quantities or grilling herring and preparing salads, etc., which saves a lot in the budget.

Eid food
Eid food

Limit expenses

Especially the Eid, if the children seek to go out with their friends, they should not take their entire Eid so that they are not spent in one space, with options for children if they are going out on all Eid days, then their expenses must be distributed over the 3 days or other suggestions that help them to Determine their goals and make them able to set their priorities.

Eid cake
Eid cake


And the family relations expert continued that in the past period of the generations that preceded us, the Eid outing was an essential thing and it was not expensive at all, including going out to parks such as the Zoo, Al-Azhar and Orman, and every mother took with her everything that was delicious and good from the house, including sweets.

Movie party at home

And the family relations expert added that holding a cinema party at home with the preparation of popcorn, thermos and entertainment is a matter of utmost love and sophistication, especially since some studies have shown that sitting parents and children to watch a movie or a play gives an increase in family bonding and always makes them close to each other, and this matter It makes them exchange conversations and different opinions, especially if the children are in puberty or adolescence.


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