Eid Al-Fitr is with your mother-in-law or with your mother?.. Know what etiquette he says

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Eid Al-Fitr is considered one of the most beautiful days due to the joy and gathering among loved ones, visits, new clothes and feasts, or hiking and receiving guests at home and buying Eid sweets and some joyful rituals, but despite the presence of happy details, there are some questions that revolve between the man and his wife first The day of the feast is with the mother-in-law or with the mother, so “The Seventh Day” contacted Hala Al-Azab, the etiquette expert, to answer questions about visiting the first day of the feast.

The first day of the feast

No anger and agreement is essential:

The etiquette expert said in her interview with “The Seventh Day”: “First, the couple must calm down, so the mothers will not get angry just because they are late in visiting her to congratulate them. They love to sit with them, but they do not like that quarrels occur between you because of them. It is the time of Eid visits for the mother and mother-in-law and setting firm rules in this matter. It is also unacceptable to change what was agreed upon between the spouses for any reason, and the mothers will get used to these rules and it will become a habit for them..

And she continued: “If one of the mothers insists on changing this pattern that you agreed upon between you, it is not correct to disclose what happened between you and your spouses in the understanding session and organizing the time of the visit, but rather you should engage in a calm dialogue with the mother and apologize to her and emphasize her The date of your visit is every Eid, if the wife lives in the family house. In this case, the first day of Eid al-Fitr must be in the family house, so everyone gathers for lunch in the mother-in-law’s house, and it is a family day for children, children and wives. The bride can leave the house The family in the evening to visit her family or to wait for the next day to have lunch with her family.

And she continued: “But if one of the mother-in-law lives in another city, then the first visit is for the mother-in-law who is closest to the residence or in the same city, and the second day is for the mother-in-law who lives in another city, and the duration of the visit is longer so that the couple can walk and visit relatives in the other city. There are also ideas Numerous solutions solve the crisis of the first visit of the mother-in-law. If the two mother-in-law are in the same city, the visit can take place on the same day. For example, breakfast will be with a mother-in-law, lunch with another mother-in-law, or lunch with a mother-in-law, and the other mother-in-law will have the share of the evening visit, provided that we follow the most important rules of etiquette. On family visits on the day of Eid.

Visiting your mother-in-law or your mother-in-law on the first day of Eid
Visiting your mother-in-law or your mother-in-law on the first day of Eid

Eid with your mother-in-law or with your mother
Eid with your mother-in-law or with your mother

There is a rule that says that the first visit is for the one closest to the couple’s residence, so it is never right for the mother-in-law or the mother to be present in the same street or in the opposite street, and the first visit is left for her and goes to the visit that is farther from her, and finally it is important that the spouses have a lot of understanding and flexibility to solve this Minor problems that may spoil the joy of Eid for them and their children as well.


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